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Declaration materials

Complete the registration information of the entries in the 2022 China (Changsha) Overseas Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and upload the Project Plan of the 2022 China (Changsha) Overseas Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and other attached materials. Participants/teams are requested to fill in the registered contents accurately and completely as required; If the contents are incomplete or unclear, the registration will not be submitted.

Competition Categories

The competition has a total of five tracks, each for a different professional field, respectively. Please select one of the following tracks to participate in the competition (the same project can only participate in one track):)

(1) Big Healthcare Industry (biomedicine, medical equipment, smart healthcare, life science, elderly care, etc.);)

(2)Intelligent Technology (blockchain, metaverse, integrated optoelectronics, artificial intelligence, integrated circuit design, sensing technology, intelligent control, Internet of Things, etc.);

(3)Equipment and New Materials (instrumentation, special automation equipment and new materials, etc.);)

(4)Green and low-carbon Technology (carbon neutrality, new energy, energy storage, resource recycling, etc.);

(5)Digital Economy (digital infrastructure, industrial digitalization, digital public services, digital economic security system, etc.).

Competition entry requirements


Participating projects must meet the following requirements:

① You can choose to participate either as an individual or as a team. If participating as a team, the team members shall not exceed 5 people. All participants must abide by the laws of the People's Republic of China and the country where they are located and have no major dishonesty or criminal records. Each participant can only participate in one project.

② Individual participant or team leader shall have a master's degree or above obtained from overseas institutions and have more than one year of study experience outside China’s mainland, or more than one year of work experience outside China’s mainland; more than half of the team members shall have more than one year of overseas study or work experience.

③ If a participating project is a registered company, its registration date shall be on or after January 1st, 2022. Those who participate as individuals shall be the main founder of the company and the major natural person shareholder, with an ownership of no less than 30% of the company (including both direct and indirect shares). Those who participate as a team, the team leader shall be the main founder of the company and the major natural person shareholder; all team members shall hold equity and the shareholding ratio of each member shall be no less than 5%, with the total shareholding ratio of all team members shall be no less than 50% (including both direct and indirect shares).

④ Participating project cannot be a listed company (except listed on China’s NEEQ).

⑤ All participating project shall comply with the relevant provisions of current Chinese laws and regulations, industrial policies or planning, possess independent intellectual property rights related to products and technologies (must be free of disputes) or key technologies, and have certain innovation and commercialization potentials.

⑥ Participating project shall not involve any state secrets, and a declaration of state secrets exclusion must be signed.

⑦ Individuals or teams must have independent intellectual property rights for the inventions, patented technologies, resources involved in the project, and submit a statement of independent intellectual property rights or a complete written authorization from the intellectual property owner with legal effect.

⑧ You can choose one and only one racetrack for one project.

⑨ Each project can only be recommended by one recommending channel for registration. Real and effective contact information shall be provided, otherwise the submission will be nullified.

⑩ Any plagiarism, misrepresentation, presentation of false materials or violation of relevant laws and regulations will result in immediate loss of eligibility to participate in the competition and violators shall bear all the legal responsibilities.


1. Projects that have participated and won awards in the previous China Overseas Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition are not allowed to register to the Competition.

2. If a participant does not meet the registration requirements, once found, the Competition Organizing Committee has the right to suspend the participant 's competition, cancel the award and void its eligibility to receive an award.

3. If one participant participates in multiple projects, or one project is recommended by multiple referrer channels at the same time, once found, the subject will be required to participate in one project only or only one referrer channel shall be confirmed and used within 3 days, otherwise the Competition Organizing Committee has the right to suspend the entrant’s competition, cancel the award and void the eligibility to receive an award.

(3)Early Termination

The competition follows the principle of voluntary participation. If a participant chooses to discontinue after the competition starts, they may submit a written termination application to the organizing committee. After receiving the confirmation from the committee, they may withdraw from the competition.


1. The project name and relevant contents in the "Project Plan" must be consistent with the "Project Registration Form."

2. The attached materials in the application package include identity certificate, diploma, intellectual property statement, qualification certificate, etc. These documents shall be uploaded in a scanned picture format. Please also submit a list of contents with Chinese instructions.

3. Only one track can be selected for the same entry, and an application cannot be repeated under different names or in the name of different applicants of the same team.